More than 35 years ago, our family-owned company manufactu-red its first solid wood garden furniture. The name Hombach has become synonymous with quality, functionality, and new developments in wood. Over the past few decades, we've grown from a typical woodworking sawmill into a manufacturer of innovative products. The combination of skilled craftsmanship with modern technology is the basis of our success.
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Poles tend to split; that is why we slice out the best quartersawn heartwood, separating it from the pith.

The possibilities for using wood and garden and landscape design are nearly inexhaustible. And today, using ecologically sound wood varieties makes more sense than ever. If you need custom manufacturing or new solutions for individual problems, just let us know -- we're at your service with strong ideas in wood.

Our strengths:

The wood for our products is acquired through domestic forestry according to the principle of sustainability: the harvest never exceeds new growth. The heartwood of the black locust, Douglas fir, and oak naturally resists rot and parasites. For wood constantly exposed to weather and/or in constant contact with the soil, we recommend pressure-treated Douglas fir and oak.